Food Conveyor Systems

Welcome To The Future Of Food Processing

Food processing in America plays a vital role in feeding an ever expanding population both domestically and internationally.  There are many aspects that make up the industry.  From food conveyor systems to washing machines, palletizers, bulk bag unloaders, drum motors, and everything in between, the future of food processing could be revolutionized by a new kind of conveyor system.  The “wrap” conveyor, created and used in Japan, is able to create a hygienic yet easily cleaned environment for the conveying of food and food products.  Piping, drag conveyors, bucket conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, and others could be faced with a new competitor.

food conveyor belt, food conveyor system

An up close view of the food conveyor belt for the wrap conveyor with stainless steel rollers

Conveyor systems for use in the food industry, bulk ingredient handling industry, dry ingredient handling industry, waste water industry and the powder handling industry have all faced similar challenges.  If easy cleaning is required, the system must be open and accessible.  This creates the possibility of contamination.  To avoid contamination, the system must be enclosed.  The wrap conveyor handles ingredients in a clean, sanitary, dust-free manner while being both easy to clean and enclosed.

Points to know:

  • The wrap conveyor uses a PVC/polyester food grade belt “wrapped”  onto itself to form a seal.
  • The wrap conveyor is a food conveyor system with the ability to snake through a factory. Unlike other food conveyor belts the wrap conveyor can be retrofitted to your specific factory needs.  This includes the use of existing conveyor framework.
  • Wrap food conveyors can curve up/down/left/right with a maximum up angle of 78°.

Ideal Products for our Food Conveyor Belts:

  1. Raw Materials (ex. salt, sugar, spices, ice)
  2. Candy
  3. Flour, Grains, Dough
  4. Rice, Coffee, Beans, Soy, Nuts, Peas, Corn
  5. Vegetables
  6. Meat
  7. Waste Products from Food Production
  8. Fish and Shellfish
  9. Fish, Animal, and Pet food
  10. Powders and Granulates
  11. Friable materials

Food grade conveyors, dry ingredient handling, fresh ingredient handling, sludge conveying, rock and gravel handling, there is no limit to the potential applications.  Reducing product loss, creating a cleaner environment to work in, and reducing downtime for cleaning and sterilizing are just the beginning of what the wrap conveyor can do for the food industry, bulk ingredient handling industry, powder handling industry, dry ingredient handling industry, waste water industry, and mining industry.